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07 2014 档案

     摘要: Abstract. Draw is a command interpreter based on Tcl/Tk and a graphical system used to test and demonstrate OpenCascade modeling libraries. It provides a flexible and easy to use means of testing and demonstrating the OCCT modeling libraries. By a given command of Tcl, you can find the implentation code for that command by OpenCascade, the code could be as a demo to use of OCC modeling libraries. So this is the most effectively way of use OpenCascade.

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     摘要: Abstract. Delaunay Triangulation is the core algorithm for mesh generation. By Delaunay Triangulator you can make a general method to visualize geometry surfaces, so does OpenCascade. The paper focus on the geometry surfaces visualization, include the surfaces with holes.

Key words. OpenCascade, Delaunay Triangulator, OpenSceneGraph, Mesh, NURBS  阅读全文

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     摘要: Intergraph Stamp.

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     摘要: Abstract. B-splines are quite a bit more flexible than Bezier curves. This flexibility comes from the fact that you have much more control over the basis functions. For Bezier curves that each control point had an effect on each point on the curve; likewise the number of control points affected the degree of the curve. For the sake of flexiblity, you would like to be able to arbitrarily set the degree of the curve and to also determine the range of the affect each control point has. B-splines al  阅读全文

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     摘要: Abstract.
The impossibility to define the splitting point makes it impossible to generate
the readable isometrics drawing in some cases. If the drawing is so crowded
that can not read it clearly, it should add the split point to the drawing.

Key words. IsoAlgo, Isogen, Split Point,

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     摘要: 从OpenCascade6.7.0开始图形显示的初始化部分有较大改动,将原来给出的一个关于Qt的最简单的例子程序升级到最新版本.  阅读全文

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     摘要: std::ofstream failed because of its file name is not right.  阅读全文

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How to split piping isometric drawing automatically?

key words: IsoAlgo, Isogen, ISO-SPLIT-POINT, split automatically


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