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11 2015 档案

     摘要: Abstract. Multiple variable function with gradient and Hessian matrix is very very import in OPEN CASCADE optimization algorithms. In order to understand these optimization algorithm better, let’s study some basic knowledge about Gradient, Hessian Matrix.

Key Words. Multiple Variable Function, Gradient, Hessian Matrix, 最优化算法,  阅读全文

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     摘要: Abstract. The least square can be used to solve a set of n linear equations of m unknowns(n >= m). The OPEN CASCADE class math_GaussLeastSquare implements the least square solution of the linear equations by using Gauss LU decomposition algorithm. The paper focus on the Least Square method to solve the linear equations.

Key Words. Least Square, LU Decomposition, Linear Equations  阅读全文

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     摘要: Abstract. 设计一条复杂曲线时,出于设计和制造上的考虑,常常通过多段曲线组合而成,这就需要解决曲线段之间如何实现光滑连接的问题。评价曲线间连接的光滑度的度量有两种:参数连接性和几何连续性。本文对这两种连续性分别进行介绍。

Key Words. Curve Continuity, Geometric Continuity, 参数连续性、几何连续性  阅读全文

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     摘要: Abstract. Global curve interpolation to point data is a way to construct curves. The paper focus on the interpolate algorithm in OPEN CASCADE, and give a simple example to demonstrate the usage of the GeomAPI_Interpolate class.

Key Words. Interpolate, NURBS, BSpline, OPEN CASCADE  阅读全文

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     摘要: RvmTranslator2.2 - Support export 3D OBJ files.  阅读全文

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