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03 2016 档案

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     摘要: Abstract. Today most 3D engineering model data are save to 3D PDF files. Universal 3D(U3D) along side Product Representation Compact(PRC), U3D is the historical foundation used to embed 3D interactive data and models into a PDF file. But PRC is now the preferred and most feature-rich method to embed 3D data into a PDF file. So the paper is focus on to translate OpenCASCADE geometry data to 3D PDF by embedding PRC file.

Key Words. PDF 3D, OpenCASCADE, U3D, PRC, libharu  阅读全文

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     摘要: The Portable Document Format(PDF) is a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating system.

RVM file is used in AVEVA Review to visualize the plant design model. RvmTranslator can translate RVM file to STEP, IGES, STL, OBJ, now experiment to translate RVM model to 3D PDF inspired by Siddharth Manek:


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     摘要: Abstract. In modeling, it is often required to approximate or interpolate points to curves and surfaces. In interpolation, the process is complete when the curve or surface passes through all the points; in approximation, when it is as close to these points as possible. The paper is the translation of the OpenCASCADE Modeling Data user guide.

Key Words. Interpolation, Approximation, Fitting  阅读全文

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     摘要: PDMS数据交换, RvmTranslator  阅读全文

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     摘要: Tcl内置变量备忘录。  阅读全文

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     摘要: Abstract. The general method to directly create an edge is to give a 3D curve as the support(geometric domain) of the edge. The curve maybe defined as a 2D curve in the parametric space of a surface: PCurve. When you understand the pcurve, you can modeling some interesting shapes, such as bottle neck thread, helix spring, ring type spring. Etc. The paper is focus on the Ring Type Spring Modeling in OpenCASCADE Draw Test Harness by Tcl script.

Key Words. Spring, Helix, Tcl/Tk, 环形弹簧  阅读全文

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