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08 2014 档案

     摘要: Abstract. When the isometric drawing is splited by split point, it should mark the continue drawing info
on the split point. You can also config the “CONT. ON” by the config file.
Key words. IsoAlgo, Split Drawing,

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     摘要: Abstract. Add page number for Foran pipe spool drawing generated by ISOM. The ISOM of Foran is used for spool drawing generation, but there is no number on the drawing, so use AutoLISP to write a small plugin to add page number automatically.

Key Words. Foran, ISOM, Pipe Spool Drawing, AutoLISP, OpenCASCADE

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     摘要: Abstract. The natural parametric equations of a curve are parametric equations that represent the curve in terms of a coordinate-independent parameter, generally arc length s, instead of an arbitray variable like t or u. According to the natural equations, the curve length is the integration of the curve parametric equation’s derivation. So the core algorithm for curve length calculation is the numerical integration method. OpenCASCADE use Gauss-Legendre to calculate the integration for single v  阅读全文

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     摘要: Abstract. The impossibility to define the splitting point makes it impossible to generate
the readable isometrics drawing in some cases. If the drawing is so crowded that can not
read it clearly, it should add the split point to the drawing.

Key Words. IsoAlgo, Isogen, Split Point  阅读全文

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     摘要: Abstract. OpenCascade uses advanced text rendering powered by FTGL library. The FreeType provides vector text rendering, as a result the text can be rotated and zoomed without quality loss. FreeType also support unicode charset. The paper focus on the Chinese Text rendering.

Key Words. OpenCascade, FreeType, Chinese Text, 中文汉字, Unicode  阅读全文

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