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07 2015 档案

     摘要: Abstract. As implementation of one of the strategic steps in OpenCASCADE visualization component development road-map, support for GLSL shader programs has been added in OpenCASCADE Technology 6.7.0.

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     摘要: Abstract. The OpenGL Shading Language syntax comes from the C family of programming languages. Tokes, identifiers, semicolons, nesting with curly braces, control-flow, and many key words look like C. GLSL provides three qualifiers which form the interfaces of the shaders to their outside world.

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     摘要: Abstract. OpenCASCADE does not provide helix curve directly, but you can build a helix curve by the pcurve of a surface(curve on surface). When you understand the pcurve of a surface, you can make a helix curve easily. The paper first make a helix by Tcl in Draw Test Harness, then translate the Tcl script to OpenCASCADE C++ code.

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