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     摘要: OpenCASCADE Code Study Outline.
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     摘要: IsoAlgo-Piping Isometric drawing generation Algorithms.
IsoAlgo can generate piping isometrics drawings from PCF to DXF.

For more information about IsoAlgo, please visit:
Any feedback is welcome, please send email to the author:


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     摘要: AVEVA Model Data Exchange 将AVEVA中设备、管道等模型转换成STEP、IGES、STL、3DS格式,以便于将模型导入到其它CAD软件中。
The Model Data Exchange Addin allows the user to extract 3D geometric models from the DESIGN databases and output them in STEP, IGES, STL format. Those file format can be used to import 3D geometry into the systems that can read the format, such as Autodesk® 3D Max, Pro/E, etc.
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