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4.AVEVA Solution

AVEVA Solutions: AVEVA Marine/Plant(PDMS), PML, AVEVA .Net. Marine Engineering/Outfitting.
     摘要: Abstract. 管道设计CAD系统中都有涉及到重量重心计算的功能,这个功能得到的重心数据主要用于托盘式造船时方便根据重心设置吊装配件。重量信息主要用于采购订货。本文主要介绍相关软件中重量重心功能,及重量重心计算实现原理。最后结合OpenCASCADE计算管道模型重量重心来验证。

Key Words. CoG, CentreOfMass, Piping CAD, Piping Design  阅读全文

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     摘要: StdTranslator - Translate PDMS to STD for STAAD.Pro  阅读全文

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     摘要: 顶平台A型支架  阅读全文

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     摘要: OcadePlatform 设备平台建模  阅读全文

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     摘要: 最近在开发一个自动出图程序,从PDMS模型中取数据后,经过处理生成AutoCAD的图纸。其中涉及到一个问题就是如何尽量使程序与AutoCAD低耦合,尽量不使用第三方库的情况下,实现数据的传递。
最开始想到是用ODA(Open Design Alliance)的DWGdirect库来直接生成DWG文件,并且PDMS中就是使用这个库来生成DWG文件的。DWGdirect的用法与AutoCAD .Net的接口名称基本一致,用法也相同,但是这样就引入了第三方库。
还有一种方法就是使用AutoLisp脚本来生成图纸。这样的话,程序只需要生成一个AutoLisp脚本文件,文件中包含创建图形的命令。AutoLisp脚本与PDMS的PML类似,都需要一个解析执行的环境,即PML依赖PDMS平台才能运行,AutoLisp依赖AutoCAD平台。如果使用AutoLisp,程序不依赖DWG相关的第三方库,只需要生成一个文本文件。决定使用AutoLisp后,还有一个问题,就是如何在启动AutoCAD能自动加载生成的AutoLisp文件去生成图纸。  阅读全文

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     摘要: RvmTranslator6.0beta: Translate PDMS RVM to 3ds Max by MAXScript file.  阅读全文

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     摘要: SdnfViewer - 3D Viewer for SDNF File.

Use SdnfViewer to view the structure model by SDNF file. The SdnfViewer is under developing, if you have any questions, suggestions, you can send me email, my email address is:  阅读全文

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     摘要: Abstract. The Piping Component File(PCF) are text files containing component and routing information. The PCF format was originally developed as an easy way to drive Isogen, the syntax is simple which means it is straightforward to create from most piping design software. But AVEVA PDMS only can export IDF format, PcfTranslator can translate AVEVA PDMS piping model to PCF, you can use the PCF in IsoAlgo for piping isometrics drawing or IsoAlgo3d to visualize the 3d model. You can also import the  阅读全文

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     摘要: RvmTranslator6.0 - Translate PDMS RVM to Dassault Systemes 3DXML.  阅读全文

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RvmTranslator6.0 Preview:
1.Introduce Qt for a good GUI;
2.Support Dassault Systemes 3DXML translation;  阅读全文

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     摘要: RvmTranslator5.1

1. Fix crash bug for binary rvm file;

download RvmTranslator5.1:  阅读全文

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     摘要: RvmTranslator5.1 is released! This is a 3ds max plugin developed by 3ds max sdk.  阅读全文

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     摘要: RvmTranslator5.0 is released!

This version support to translate RVM to AutoCAD DXF file.  阅读全文

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     摘要: RvmTranslator4.3 ChangeLog

1. Reduce the STEP file size to improve the performance for STEP translation;
2.Fix the dish lose in STEP file;  阅读全文

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     摘要: In order to export PDMS model to other system more convenient, I wrapped the RvmTranslator in PDMS by PML. Then you can export PDMS model to STEP, IGES, STL, 3D PDF. Etc. Directly.   阅读全文

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     摘要: Abstract. AVEVA PDMS Pipe Router is a rule-based tool which enables you to route pipe network automatically and to position piping components. Pipe Router can create clash-free orthogonal routes which use the minimum length of pipe and as few elbows and bends as possible.

Key Words. Automatic Pipe Routing, 自动布管  阅读全文

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     摘要: The Portable Document Format(PDF) is a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating system.

RVM file is used in AVEVA Review to visualize the plant design model. RvmTranslator can translate RVM file to STEP, IGES, STL, OBJ, now experiment to translate RVM model to 3D PDF inspired by Siddharth Manek:


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