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     摘要: Abstract. 本文介绍了参数曲面的第一基本公式,并应用曲面的第一基本公式,结合OpenCASCADE中计算多重积分的类,对任意参数曲面的面积进行计算。

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     摘要: Abstract. OpenCASCADE package BRepMesh can compute the Delaunay’s triangulation with the algorithm of Watson. It can be used for 2d plane or on surface by meshing in UV parametric space. The blog focus on the usage of the triangulation tool to triangulate 2d points.

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     摘要: Abstract. 管道设计CAD系统中都有涉及到重量重心计算的功能,这个功能得到的重心数据主要用于托盘式造船时方便根据重心设置吊装配件。重量信息主要用于采购订货。本文主要介绍相关软件中重量重心功能,及重量重心计算实现原理。最后结合OpenCASCADE计算管道模型重量重心来验证。

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     摘要: Abstract. IsoAlgo3d 通过将PCF三维可视化,并导出HTML文件。由于使用WebGL技术,所以只要设备支持HTML5,就可以不用安装任何软件或插件直接浏览PCF对应的全尺寸标注的管道三维模型,不管是电脑、平板还是智能手机。三维直接浏览管道模型,更加直观,避免了二维ISO图有时表达不清晰的情况,如环管出图,复杂管线分图后识图困难等,方便现场施工。

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     摘要: Abstract. FreeType is required for text display in the 3D viewer. FreeType is a software font engine that is designed to be small, efficient, highly customizable, and portable while capable of producing high-quality output(glyph images). It can be used in graphics libraries, display servers, font conversion tools, text image generation tools, and many other products as well. The blog is focus on the FreeType usage in OpenCASCADE to convert text to BRep shape.

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     摘要: Abstract. OpenCASCADE provides a simple twist drill bit modeling example in Tcl script. The blog will give a details of some key points, when you understand the key points, you can modeling the shape like that.

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     摘要: OpenCASCADE各版本源码下载  阅读全文

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     摘要: Abstract. Sometimes you want to split a shape by plane or even split a shape by a B Spline surface, OpenCASCADE provide a feature class BRepFeat_SplitShape to implement the function. The paper give a sample code to split a cylinder by plane.
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     摘要: Trackball, Quaternion, View Transform  阅读全文

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     摘要: 本系统的电梯模型模拟三层楼,当轿厢系统上升(下降),重量平衡系统下降(上升),顶部的曳引系统则类似一个轮轴,要不停的旋转顺时针(逆时针),当电梯到达指定楼层时,轿厢的门能开关。因此现阶段的动画要求是实现轿厢系统上下运动、重量平衡系统上下运动、曳引机的旋转和轿厢门的开关动画。  阅读全文

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     摘要: Abstract. Bounding Volume Hierarchy(BVH) organizes geometric objects in the tree based on spatial relationships. Each node in the tree contains an axis-aligned bounding box of all the objects below it. Bounding volume hierarchies are used in many algorithms to support efficient operations on the sets of geometric objects, such as collision detection, ray-tracing, searching of nearest objects, and view frustum culling. The paper focus on the usage of BVH on TopoDS_Shape, and its application.

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     摘要: SdnfViewer - 3D Viewer for SDNF File.

Use SdnfViewer to view the structure model by SDNF file. The SdnfViewer is under developing, if you have any questions, suggestions, you can send me email, my email address is:  阅读全文

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     摘要: Abstract. Starting from OCCT6.8.0 will include one more algorithm for solving global optimization problems. Its development has been triggered by insufficient performance and robustness of existing algorithm of minimization of curve-surface distance in Extrema package. The PSO, Algorithms in this family are stochastic, and this feature can be perceived as opposite to robustness. However, we found it was not only much faster than original deterministic one, but also more robust in complex real-wo  阅读全文

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     摘要: Abstract. OpenCASCADE provides the algorithm to implement of the intersection between two 2d conic curve. The conic is defined by its implicit quadaratic equation, so the intersection problem is become a polynomial roots finding problem. The paper focus on the two conic curve intersection algorithm implementation.

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     摘要: Abstract. OpenCASCADE provides the algorithm to implementation of the analytical intersection between a 2d line and another conic curve. The conic is defined by its implicit quadaratic equation, so the intersection problem is become a polynomial roots finding problem. The paper focus on the 2d line intersection another conic algorithm implementation.

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     摘要: Abstract. OpenCASCADE provides the algorithm to search the intersection point between 3 planes. If two of the planes are parallel or identical, will get no result.

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     摘要: Abstract. OpenCASCADE geometric tools provide algorithms to calculate the intersection of two 2d curves, surfaces, or a 3d curve and a surface. Those are the basis of the Boolean Operation, so under the implementation can help to under the BO algorithms. The paper focus on the intersection of two 2d analytical line.

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     摘要: In Visual Studio you can specify changes to environment variables in the project settings. Open your project, go to Project -> Properties... Under Configuration Properties -> Debugging, edit the Environment value to set environment variables.
For example, if you want to add the directory “c:\foo\bin” to the path when debugging your application, set the Environment value to “PATH=%PATH%;c:\foo\bin”.

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