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McCad - BRep to CSG

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McCad - BRep to CSG




McCad is an open source tool for automatic conversion of B-Rep models into CSG.

McCad has been continuously developed for more than two decades. It provides automatic conversion of Boundary Representation (BREP) CAD models into Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG), the latter of which is an input syntax often used in Monte Carlo (MC) radiation transport codes. The conversion process, from BREP to CSG, is essential for high-fidelity nuclear analysis of complex nuclear facilities. McCad can convert CAD files in STEP format to different input syntaxes used with MC codes such as MCNP, TRIPOLI, Geant4, etc., so that the manual efforts on building a complex simulation model can be avoided. McCad provides an advanced algorithm to decompose complex solids into its constituent convex primitives, and generates the void space description between the solids, which is required by MC codes.


It relies on OpenCASCADE CAD kernel to perform CAD manipulations and Boolean operations. McCad has been integrated into the SALOME platform, with a detailed manual provided. It is an open-source code released under LGPL license. This code has been currently used for nuclear research institutes crossing continents, for nuclear analyses on fission reactors, fusion facilities and neutron source facilities.


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