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IsoAlgo3d - A PCF 3D Viewer for Desktop, Tablet and Smart phone

Abstract. IsoAlgo3d 通过将PCF三维可视化,并导出HTML文件。由于使用WebGL技术,所以只要设备支持HTML5,就可以不用安装任何软件或插件直接浏览PCF对应的全尺寸标注的管道三维模型,不管是电脑、平板还是智能手机。三维直接浏览管道模型,更加直观,避免了二维ISO图有时表达不清晰的情况,如环管出图,复杂管线分图后识图困难等,方便现场施工。

Key Words. IsoAlgo3d, 管道ISO图,三维管道图,WebGL, 平板,手机

PCF is short for Piping Component File, a de facto standard for piping data exchange. Commonly used for automated isometric generation, material control and pipe stress analysis import.

IsoAlgo can read PCF and generate isometric drawing automatically.

Piping Isometric generated by IsoAlgo

For more info about IsoAlgo, please visit:

IsoAlgo3d can read PCF and show pipeline in 3d, than export full dimension and material tag in 3D PDF and HTML. For HTML, because used WebGL, so the device support HTML5(WebGL), then it will show 3d pipeline model directly without install any software or plugin. 



 If your device support HTML5, you will see the following 3d model: