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RvmTranslator6.0 Preview

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RvmTranslator6.0 Preview

1. Introduce Qt for a good GUI:


It also supports command when you give parameters for the application, such as:

RvmTranslator RvmFileName OutputFileType

When there is no parameters for the RvmTranslator, it will open the GUI for you.


2. Support Dassault Systemes 3DXML translation:

You can download 3DXML viewer from:

3D XML is a universal lightweight XML-based format for quick and easy sharing 3D data. With 3D XML, 3D information can be easily incorporated into technical documentation, maintenance manuals, marketing brochures, websites, email communications and many other everyday uses.

After you have downloaded the 3DXML player, you can view the 3D information through Websites, email, or the 3D XML Player.


The next step is to support the design explorer in 3DXML from RVM:


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