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PDMS RvmTranslator

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PDMS RvmTranslator

Abstract. AVEVA Review is used for 3D model visualisation for plant or ship design, construction and operation. The RVM file is main input of AVEVA Review. RvmTranslator can translate RVM file to STEP, IGES, STL, etc without Review, only rely on the RVM file.

Key Words. AVEVA  Review, PDMS RVM, STEP, IGES, STL, Data Exchange

1. Introduction

AVEVA Review is a powerful 3D visualization tool for large complex plant and marine models. With features such as walk-through, animation, and high-quality photo-realistic images, AVEVA Review lets you analyse designs and communicate complex ideas easily.


Figure 1. High Performance 3D Visualisation for design, installation, operation & maintenace

Key features of AVEVA Review include:

v High-performance 3D model rendering and walk-through;

v Large model support-effective handling of model files up to 1.1GB;

v High-quality graphical realism with lighting, textures, fog and real-time shadows;

v Advanced animation and avi production tools;

v Object manipulation and clashing;

v Dimensioning;

v Sectioning and Clipping;

v Laser Model Interface for point cloud data;

v 3D export of Review model to Adobe 3D PDF and Autodesk DWF;

v Extensible .NET interface;


Figure 2. High quality graphical realism for plant and ship design


Figure 3. The AVEVA ReviewShare reader is available as a free download from website

AVEVA Plant/Marine can export RVM file to AVEVA Review, so the RVM file contains all the geometry information. The RvmTranslator can read RVM file and translate to STEP, IGES, STL, etc. And so can exchange model data with other CAD software, such as Autodesk, Solidworks, Pro/e, etc.

2.RvmTranslator Usage

RvmTranslator can translate PDMS RVM to STEP, IGES, STL, etc. The usage of RvmTranslator is easy, after you download the RvmTranslator, run RvmTranslator by RvmTranslator.bat, and input the RVM file name and the export file type, such as STEP, IGES, STL. 


Figure 4. RvmTranslator Usage 

There are 2 steps to use RvmTranslator:

v Input the RVM file name;

v Select export file format;

After that you can get the translate result models. You can download the RvmTranslator from the baidu cloud:











3.Translate Result


Figure 5. Plant model in AVEVA Design


Figure 6. Import Model to AutoCAD


Figure 7. Main Engine in AVEVA Marine


Figure 8. Main Engine imported to AutoCAD

4. Conclusion

The RVM file contains all the geometry model data, so read RVM file and translate to the standard 3D model data exchange file format, such as STEP, IGES, STL, etc. 

Feel free to download the RvmTranslator and have a try, enjoy! :-)

Any suggestion and feedback is welcome, please send email to the author:

5. References

1. AVEVA Review:

2. AVEVA Review Release:

3. Download RvmTranslator:

PDF Version: PDMS RvmTranslator


# re: PDMS RvmTranslator  回复  更多评论   

2015-04-27 20:39 by Mohamed Auswath Khan
Hi Shing Liu,

I tried this RVM translator.

I can get the Step Iges .stl from this if i try to convert the Spooler.rvm
Present in the downloaded folder.

But if i try with some other .rvm FILE i cant get the output .

It is simply saying
"Writing Step...
Press any key to continue"

But if I tried with the Spooler .Rvm
It is displaying

Reading RVM
and thousands of processing lines
and finally "Press any key to continue"

Can you please help on this to proceed.


Mohamed Auswath Khan.Z

# re: PDMS RvmTranslator  回复  更多评论   

2015-04-27 22:07 by eryar
@Mohamed Auswath Khan

Hello Mohamed,

There are some notes about using the RvmTranslator:

For the Input RVM name, if the RVM file is not in the RvmTranslator folder, you should input the full file name include its path, such as d:/rvm/pipes.rvm;

For the Output file format, you should select one of the following: STEP, IGES, STL, all the type must input in uppercase letter.

I upload the RvmTranslator2.0, it supports Text and Binary RVM file, you can download to have a try.

Enjoy! :-)

Shing Liu

# re: PDMS RvmTranslator  回复  更多评论   

2015-04-28 21:10 by Mohamed Auswath Khan

I am excited on seeing the output .It is really working .

Thank you Shing Liu.

The only thing is bigger files fail to read other than that everything is fine.

Thank a lot

# re: PDMS RvmTranslator  回复  更多评论   

2015-04-29 21:34 by eryar
@Mohamed Auswath Khan

you are welcome.

Translate model to STEP format maybe a little slowly, but translate to other format will be fast.

# re: PDMS RvmTranslator  回复  更多评论   

2015-08-11 23:50 by Bernard Fred
Very good ! and helpful.
I have a question : How was you able to understand the RVM format ? Do you have a documentation of this file format ? I searched and can't find any, neither from Aveva.
I would like also to be able to write such rvm file from my tool.
thank you and take care !

# re: PDMS RvmTranslator  回复  更多评论   

2015-08-17 22:10 by Ahmed
version 2 worked will thankyou

# re: PDMS RvmTranslator  回复  更多评论   

2015-08-17 22:47 by eryar

Hi Ahmed,

You are welcome.

I have been to the Alexandria Shipyard of Egypt serveral years ago.

Best Regards,
Shing Liu

# re: PDMS RvmTranslator  回复  更多评论   

2015-10-27 21:58 by
Dear Friend ,
Does it convert into PDF file ?

siddharth Manek

# re: PDMS RvmTranslator  回复  更多评论   

2015-10-27 22:49 by eryar
Hi Siddharth,

Do you mean 3d pdf?

# re: PDMS RvmTranslator  回复  更多评论   

2016-06-22 18:24 by
When i converted the rvm file into iges format, the elbows, arc shapes are not coming when i import the iges format in solidworks. Please sort it out.

# re: PDMS RvmTranslator  回复  更多评论   

2016-06-22 21:23 by eryar

You can send me the rvm file to debug if the rvm file do not

Best Regards,
Shing Liu

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