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OpenCASCADE7.3.0 is available for download

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OpenCASCADE7.3.0 is available for download

OPEN CASCADE is pleased to announce a new public release of Open CASCADE Technology (version 7.3.0).

Open CASCADE Technology version 7.3.0 is a minor release, which includes more than 350 new features, improvements and bug fixes over minor release 7.2.0.

New in this version:


  • Support of Unicode file names and software signals handling for MinGW-w64 builds
  • Recommendations on fulfillment of LGPL terms in Overview documentation
  • Restored compatibility with Visual Studio 2008
  • Support of GBK and Big5 code pages

Application Framework

  • Ability to redefine the stored/retrieved document version and the application name


  • Face Removal algorithm
  • Optimized surface intersection, shape offset and Boolean operation algorithms
  • Oriented Bounding Boxes (OBB)
  • More complete history in the family of Boolean Operations algorithms
  • Improved stability of BRepProj_Projection algorithm


  • Corrected translation of single-stroke fonts into BRep
  • Improved compatibility with EGL on Linux, Intel HD GPUs, Mesa OpenGL, remote desktop
  • Possibility to arrange more than 8 light sources and assign them to layers
  • Possibility to assign Shading Model per primitive array
  • Support of custom GLSL programs with Geometry and Tessellation shaders
  • Distance and size culling options for rendering large scenes
  • Depth pre-pass option for rendering heavy custom GLSL programs
  • Verbose frame statistics for profiling 3D Viewer performance

Data exchange

  • Documentation for PMI in XCAF




  • l 支持Unicode文件名;
  • l 支持Visual Studio 2008的编译。


  • l 增加面去除算法Face Removal Algorithm;

  • l 优化面求交,偏称Offset和布尔操作Boolean Operation的算法。

  • l 增加Oriented Bounding Boxes(OBB)定向包围盒;

  • l 布尔操作Boolean Operation算法的完整的历史记录;

  • l 提高投影算法类BRepProj_Projection的稳定性;

Data Exchange
  • l 增加了关于XCAF中的PMI文档;



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