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AVEVA PDMS to 3ds Max - RvmTranslator6.0beta

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AVEVA PDMS to 3ds Max - RvmTranslator6.0beta

RvmTranslato6.0 translate PDMS RVM to 3ds Max by MAXScript. The MAXScipt is like the PML of PDMS. MAXScript can be used as a high-level scene import utility for 3ds Max. By outputting MAXScript scripts containing object creation commands, it is possible for other programs and packages to export directly using any of the high-level 3ds Max constructs. Taking it even further, MAXScript could be even used to bridge the gap between newer and older 3ds Max versions without resorting 3rd party data formats.

RvmTranslator translate PDMS RVM to MaxScrpit scripts to 3ds Max scene. The RvmTranslator usage is very simple. First, add the RVM file to the translate list; Then, select the output file format; The last, just push the button “Perform”.


For 3DMAX type, RvmTranslator will translate the RVM to MAXScript file, then in the 3ds Max menu: MAXScript:



The maxscript file will build the scene:


Download RvmTranslator6.0beta:RvmTranslator6.0beta

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