Composite Quantization for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search (ICML 2014)该文第三页左侧,倒数第五行提到alternative optimization;NeNMF: An Optimal Gradient Method for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization, 该文第二页,公式2上面两行,block coordinate descent,以公式2和3为例;Feature Fusion Using Locally Linear Embedding for Classification提到的参考文献Some Notes on Alternating Optimization;Two-Dimensional Linear Discriminant Analysis的第四页提到的Due to the difficulty of computing the optimal L and R simultaneously, we derive an iterative algorithm in the following.

‘alternating optimization’ or ‘alternative optimization’?

Sue (UTS) comment: ‘Alternating’ means you use this optimization with another optimization, one after the other. ‘Alternative’ means you use this optimization instead of any other.

我的GSM-PAF最后用的‘alternating optimization’