<<Install a Hard Drive to Your Wii - FAT32 hard drive or SD card?>>
-- By: Robert Matei, Gaming News Editor

You know that you can install a hard drive to the PS3 (should you have one) and that you can run Linux and even Windows XP on it. Some Nintendo Wii owners got jealous and decided to try an adapt hard drive to their Wiis.

An article on Destructoid reveals instructions on how to do so. First, you have to have a Wii. That's the most important step. Then download the latest firmware on your Wii. After the download, you have to format the USB hard drive to FAT 32, note that the hard drive has to be of 120GB maximum.

After you finish the formatting, go to your Wii and remove the SD card from the SD slot. Instead of the SD card insert the USB hard drive and if all goes smoothly, the Wii should detect the hard drive as an SD card.

These were the original instructions of Destructoid but later, they updated the article and mentioned that nobody can get this to work. You might be disappointed, but when you come to think of it, what was the point of having a Wii hard drive? Maybe if Nintendo released more N64 games over their Virtual Console, this option would be worth it.

The Nintendo Wii will probably be the best sold games console of this holiday season, as its main competitor, the PS3, suffers from shortages. The other competitor of Nintendo's next-gen is the Xbox 360, console which managed until now to secure the first position in sales classifications. If you were to ask me, this is only temporary as Nintendo promised to ship more Wiis by the end of the year. The European launch is yet to come and I'm sure that European gamers will rush to get a Wii.