VGG Face Descriptor

Omkar M. Parkhi, Andrea Vedaldi, Andrew Zisserman


This page contains the download links for the source code for computing the VGG-Face CNN descriptor, described in [1].

The VGG-Face CNN descriptors are computed using our CNN implementation based on the VGG-Very-Deep-16 CNN architecture as described in [1] and are evaluated on the Labeled Faces in the Wild [2] and the YouTube Faces [3] dataset.

Additionally the code also contains our fast implementation of the DPM Face detector of [3] using the cascade DPM code of [4].




vgg_face_matconvnet.tar.gzFace detection and VGG Face descriptor source code and models (MatConvNet)
vgg_face_torch.tar.gzVGG Face descriptor source code and models (Torch)
vgg_face_caffe.tar.gzVGG Face descriptor source code and models (Caffe)


Relevant Publications


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