世界各国博士后 工资 (欧洲+美国)

最高的是: 瑞士联邦理工大学,苏黎世,将近70000美元。

ETH, Zurich欧洲排名第4,世界排名27, Newsweek


以下是Scientist 评选的15个欧洲最适合博士后工作的单位


Name Country verage annual postdoc salary (or salary range)


Friedrich Miescher Institute

for Biomedical Research Switzerland 84,000 CHF = 68,000 USD

MRC Laboratory of

Molecular Biology UK UKP 25,000-30,000

University of Bergen Norway 372,000 NOK

Pasteur Institute France €25,200

Umea Plant Science Center Sweden 180,000-210,000 SEK

University of Dundee UK UKP 20,004-43,850

University of Basel Biozentrum Switzerland 63,000-85,056 CHF

ETH Zurich Switzerland 78,000-86,000 CHF

University of Manchester UK UKP 20,044-30,002

The Netherlands Cancer

Institute Netherlands €40,000-60,000

Catholic University of Leuven Belgium N/A

University of Helsinki Finland €33,600-36,000


University of Nottingham UK £23,457-33445

University of Edinburgh UK £20,044


以下是Scientist 评选的15个北美最适合博士后工作的单位


Name Average annual postdoc salary (or salary range)


The J. David Gladstones Institutes $51,180

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center $38,974

US Environmental Protection Agency $44,119-63,980

Emory University $30,000-55,000

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences $40,900-65,000

Fox Chase Cancer Center $39,000

National Institute of Diabetes & Kidney Diseases $37,100-67,000

Wadsworth Center $37,500

Dalhousie University $39,710 (CAN)

USDA Agricultural Research Service $54,000-65,000

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution $53,000

Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research $31,700

National Cancer Institute $41,000-56,000

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center $35,000

Vanderbilt University $38,000-40,000