沉寂了n久的Common C++忽然又出新版了,看样子是换了维护人:
As the current GNU Common C++ maintainer, I am very open to bringing new ideas and code into the GNU Common C++ package.




Version Focus Date
1.3.1 Minor bugfixes 30-Jan-2005 07:21
1.9.6 Minor feature enhancements 09-Mar-2002 03:37
1.9.5 Minor bugfixes 13-Feb-2002 06:04
1.9.0 Major feature enhancements 03-Nov-2001 14:35
1.5.1 Major bugfixes 20-Aug-2001 15:11

New features include serialization of pairs and a run-list non-blocking callback semaphore-like operation class. Fixes were made for demo tcpservice, for TTYStream underflow, for missing overlap on strlcpy/strlcat, a two level /etc check, and for a security problem. As a security measure, keydata config file paths can no longer be "relocated" through environment manipulation. Config files must be owned by root or match the process UID. Virtuals no longer have inline defs. The exception notice was changed to match GNU libstdc++ runtime exception. A named assoc misc base class was added.

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