AGM::LibReflection: A reflection library for C++.
boost出了1.32,去 可以找到。
  • Assignment Library: Filling containers with constant or generated data has never been easier, from Thorsten Ottosen.
  • Minmax Library: Standard library extensions for simultaneous min/max and min/max element computations, from Hervé Brönnimann.
  • Multi-index Containers Library: Containers with multiple STL-compatible access interfaces, from Joaquín M López Muñoz.
  • Numeric Conversion Library: Optimized policy-based numeric conversions, from Fernando Cacciola.
  • Program Options Library: Access to configuration data given on command line, in config files and other sources, from Vladimir Prus.
  • Range Library: A new infrastructure for generic algorithms that builds on top of the new iterator concepts, from Thorsten Ottosen.
  • Serialization Library: Serialization/de-serialization of arbitrary C++ data structures to various formats including text, binary, and xml, from Robert Ramey.
  • String Algorithms Library: Collection of string related algorithms for case conversion, trimming, find/replace operations and more, from Pavol Droba.
  • Tribool: 3-state boolean type library, from Doug Gregor.

其中的 Multi-index Containers Library 还是比较有特色,其他的大部分倒是在其他地方也看到过,可能是那些作者加入了boost了吧,没功夫细究了。

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