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   Last night alpc40 received a message and he told me sadly that two alpcs are eliminated from Normal, and he wasn’t willing to face up to the cruel reality. Actually the competition in alpcs also in ICPC is so fierce that every ACMers must do their best to improve themselves and to fight in every contest. Although it is so hard, I think that is why this contest attracts so many excellent programmers to join in the contest. I am sorry to hear that someone of you will lose your chances after these contests, but I want to remind you that every one no matter in Seed or Normal makes great effort. And you must realize that you are not as powerful as that Big Cows now. Someone who loses your chance does not mean that you lose all your chances in ICPC . If you really love it and want to do it, I think you mustn’t give it up. Because most of you are Sophomore or even freshmen, you still have many chances if and only if you work harder and learn more. ICPC is open to every body, and hope all of you will enjoy this game.

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# re: Written to alpcs in Noemal
2008-06-19 13:42 | alpc55
I coundn't agree more!  回复  更多评论
# re: Written to alpcs in Normal
2008-06-22 00:28 | oyjpart
good!  回复  更多评论
# re: Written to alpcs in Normal
2008-07-15 19:30 | alpc30
thank U very much...
Try my best..  回复  更多评论

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