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Cannot exceed the user or group quota

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Category: Email
Keywords: error; quota; UID; copy failed; limit
Question or Problem:   Why do I get this error message when managing email: "UID Copy failed: Message copy failed: Cannot exceed the user or group quota"?
Solution: When sending, receiving, or managing your email on Imagine you may receive an error message containing words like "copy failed," or "quota." Generally, this means your files and emails are taking up more room on Imagine than allowed and you have automatically been blocked from using more hard-disk storage space.

You may be able to solve this problem yourself:

Try emptying the contents of your Trash, Deleted Items, or other email folders (if applicable) on Imagine.

Delete unimportant emails on Imagine or archive important ones to your local computer hard drive. (One way to do this is to configure an email client such as Mozilla's Thunderbird, Eudora, or Microsoft Outlook to "pop" and remove your email from Imagine.)

If you have trouble with these instructions, or if you are unable to manipulate your email at all, submit a request to the Mines Help Center ( Your quota will be raised temporarily so that you can perform needed maintenance and restore normal email functionality.

Symptoms: You have received an error message from Imagine that says something like:

"UID COPY failed: Message copy failed: Cannot exceed the user or group quota"

"/u/wy: warning, user disk quota exceeded"

"/u/wy: operation failed, user disk quota limit reached"

Notes: What is your particular quota? See the FAQfinder entry "How do I check my Imagine disk quota?" ( for more details.

In the longer term, it pays to manage your email wisely. Here are some general suggestions:

If you use Pine or CSM Webmail to view your email directly on Imagine, you may have the program set to automatically save a copy of every message you send. Turn this feature off, or at least go through your sent emails every so often and delete messages that are of little significance to you.

Some people simply keep all incoming email in their Imagine Inbox, which is not a good practice. This practice slows access to your email and will quickly fill your quota. Use your Inbox to store only your most recent messages.

Create a special Archive folder where you can store those emails that are important and then delete the rest.

Delete old data files or move them to your personal computer's hard disk with a file-transfer program like sftp, ftp, or the equivalent.

Written By: Tim Serewicz/DA/sg
Last Review Date: 3/31/2008


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