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ObjectDBX 简介(ObjectARX ,Object enablers Autocad 二次开发等)


 一种在arx中,依靠autocad的(called objectdbx modules),第二中布依靠autocad,只要有dbx host就可以(called object enablers).

While the entire ObjectARX API can be used in an application, only a subset of the API libraries is needed to define a custom database object or entity. Applications built with this subset, called ObjectDBX modules or Object Enablers, are not required to load exclusively in AutoCAD, but can load in any Autodesk RealDWG host application. Autodesk RealDWG host applications include AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Autodesk VIZ, Inventor, and third-party host applications built with the Autodesk RealDWG SDK. Object Enablers are built to be distributed along with a DWG file containing instances of those custom objects. Any DWG editor or viewer can open the drawing and load the Object Enabler so that full functionality of the custom class is exposed.

Because Object Enablers don't depend on a particular host, they have no user interface capabilities. They are purely a plug-in for the ObjectDBX framework. ObjectARX applications, in contrast, require the presence of AutoCAD, and will not load into any other application. Therefore, all the user interface features of ObjectARX are available to an ObjectARX module.

When designing an application, keep this distinction in mind and break any custom object/entity into an Object Enabler so that the object can be transported to applications other than AutoCAD. Of course, custom objects can be created in an ObjectARX application, but a DWG containing any of these custom objects would give warnings about your missing application when it is opened in any host other than AutoCAD.


objectdbx 技术(realdwg 技术)----可以不依靠autocad操作dwg

The ObjectDBX(realdwg) SDK is licensed separately from ObjectARX and allows developers to write host applications that can access, read, and write DWG and DXF files without AutoCAD. See the autodesk.comDeveloperCenter for more information about the ObjectDBX(realdwg) SDK.


附: object Enablers 的例子: objectdbx sdk 下的 samople ploygon


  Relation of arx application and dbx application

ARX application may contains: .arx and .dbx that is coustom object but not object Enablers commonly. Arx application must be loaded in autocad.

Dbx application may contains: .dbx that is application host  ,dbx that is object enablers. Dbx application may be run in any object application host ,in other way, it may be run independently .

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