The Fourth Dimension Space

枯叶北风寒,忽然年以残,念往昔,语默心酸。二十光阴无一物,韶光贱,寐难安; 不畏形影单,道途阻且慢,哪曲折,如渡飞湍。斩浪劈波酬壮志,同把酒,共言欢! -如梦令

TPO 24 口语练习小结

TPO24 1

in my opinion, the popular palce is our national park.
for starters, there is a large square in the park so it is convenient for people to do outdoor activities.
For example, I always see people exercising themselves there.

The icing on the cake is there is also a lake in the park and the lake is really beautiful. It is really a good place to relax your self when you get tired in daily life.

So this is the place people like to go and the reason why people enjoy going there.


TPO24 4
In the reading material, it presents a concept about flagship species. It is a particular species to represent the theatened habitat to the general public.

In the lecture, the professor uses a example to illustrate this the bird macaw.

When the trees were cut down and cleared away, the population of the bird declined and so did the other animals in the habitat.

So people strated spreading the word macow about how the bird needed help.

in the end, a lot of people contributed money and helpd the groups set up protected land.The bird and other animals were saved.

So this example illustrate the concept  flagship species.

it is worth doing sth.
it is worth the money.

TPO24 6
In the lecture, the professor presents two kinds of narrators to illustrate how to tell a story.
the first narrator is objective narrator. from this kind , you can know what they do and what they say but that is all.
for example a man and a woman are going for a trip and from objective narrator you could only know what they say and what they do.You need to make readers to fill in the blank.

But in the second narraor,omniscient narrator you can know not only what they say and do, but also what they are thinking about.
For example , if the couple want to visit a friend and the man is thinking you can know the man is nervous because he hasn't seen his friend for a long time.



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