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枯叶北风寒,忽然年以残,念往昔,语默心酸。二十光阴无一物,韶光贱,寐难安; 不畏形影单,道途阻且慢,哪曲折,如渡飞湍。斩浪劈波酬壮志,同把酒,共言欢! -如梦令


1.题目:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People are now easier to become educated than in the past.

At present, a growing number of people will choose to study in university or at least in highschool so they could gain enough knowledge to live a good life. According to a famous survey conducted by a prestigious company called SurveyMonkey, %89.7 of people in the world have education experience in the college or in the highschool while the rate will decrease to %37.6 before World War 2.So in my opinion, I strongly agree the statement, people are easier to be educated now.

First of all, as you can image, with the development of the society, the people in 21st century have no worry about the physiological needs. It means we don't need to care much about food , water or heat source ,which is the most basic need for life and we can pay more attention on education or something you really have interest. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, that is to say ,it will be easy for you to pursue your self-actualization, like education. However, people in the past is easier to suffer war or disease. For example, supposing you are a boy living in World War 2, would you pay much attention on education when the food or shelter is still a big problem?

More importantly, the scientific power will play a significant role in education, making it easier for people to get education. For example, you can simply search materials you need on the internet by clicking your mouse several times; you can use MSN to communicate with professors all over the world without flying to the city where the professor are; and also you are able to use some multi-media devices to help you understand the complex questions such as projector. With the help of modern science and technology, there is no doubt that we can obtain a good education in a easy way.

However, we can't hold an absolute view about this issue because human itself also play a very important role in education. Even though there are a good environment and state-of-the-art   technology in modern society, it will mean nothing if you just don't want to learn. But, over all, it is true that people are easier to be educated than in the past.

an absolute
21st century 22nd,23rd


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