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43"To be an effective leader, a public official must maintain the highest ethical and moral standards."
   is a public official must maintain the highest ethical and moral standards to be an effective leader ,as the author asserts? I think we should take it to the case-to-case analysis.

   Admittedly, in some cases, such like monarchy countries and religious nations, high ethical and moral standards are remarkable for  leaders. Becaue those leaders are not only the politicians but also the spiritual leader. Their power don’t come from the Democratic elections ,but the religious belief. If their image of ethics collapse, it will threaten the leadership directly. Like dalai lama…Scandals on dalai lama

tends to render social chaos and breakdown of people's belief, which will even lead to a war at last. Therefore, high ethical and moral standards for spiritual or religious leaders are not only crucial, but also necessary.吹。。。。

   But in the democracy society, which operates by its scientific belief ,the leader’s personality or Moral Charm is not that significant as the ancient time. The really thing that count is the leader’s governing philosophy, the Economic Policy which can bring his people to a better life. He moral or ethics charm is just a private thing which are not very crucial.

So , the leaders in the democracy system, is just a screw in a large machine , which could be replaced by any suitable person and it has not much thing to do with the leader’s moral image in he public. Like Bill Clinton ,who are always mentioned by his sex scandal, is of course a good leader in the US history .

On the other hand, even in democratic societies, moral charisma is useful and helpful for political leaders. A candidate with high moral reputation is more likely to win a campaign, which is the beginning to become an effective leader. When it comes to a decision maker, if he or she is famous for good morality, the policies are usually easier to be accepted by public. Let's take the Chinese Premier Wen (Premier Wen in China) as an example, who played an important role in the rescue in Sichuan Earthquake which killed (claimed) more than seventy thousand lives in 2008(灾难常用句型:e.g The hurricane claimed more than 5000 lives。飓风夺去了5000人的生命). His mercy and devoted figure moved millions of people all over the world. As a result, his leadership in rescuing activity    rescue is convincing and his orders are implemented efficiency…Efficiently

 which saved thousands of people buried underground in time. In this case, there is no doubt that the leader's personal moral charm improves the effect of Premier Wen's leadership.

In the final analysis , the ethic and morality of public leader could be very significant in some cases , especially to that spiritual leaders and religious leaders and it also benefits the leaders from democratic society as well. However, we have to notice that the real standard to evaluate a leader should base on his or her political achievement.


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