The Fourth Dimension Space

枯叶北风寒,忽然年以残,念往昔,语默心酸。二十光阴无一物,韶光贱,寐难安; 不畏形影单,道途阻且慢,哪曲折,如渡飞湍。斩浪劈波酬壮志,同把酒,共言欢! -如梦令

the communication with a great mind ,my points.

Admittedly, every person is different and just as the saying goes there are no two leaves that are exectly the same ,leading the thought differs ,too. But on the other hand, I have to point out that it is perhaps no need to process such a communication when the answer is clear , the response is identified according to the significant principle that I have transmited.

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