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枯叶北风寒,忽然年以残,念往昔,语默心酸。二十光阴无一物,韶光贱,寐难安; 不畏形影单,道途阻且慢,哪曲折,如渡飞湍。斩浪劈波酬壮志,同把酒,共言欢! -如梦令


You are now registered to take the GRE Split exam in Nanjing.
Test Date: 2010-04-08   Test Time: 08:30
Confirmation No.: 8850000000460565   Test Center: 8513

You must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the testing time to allow for the check-in process and orientation. You will need to bring your confirmation number and two forms of photo-bearing identification with you on the day of the exam; at least one form of primary ID is required. Acceptable forms of primary identification in China are passport, citizenship ID (provisional citizenship ID is not acceptable) or military ID. The test administrator may also ask you to present a secondary form of identification; Secondary forms of Identification are driver license, student ID or employee ID. Identification must meet ETS -GRE requirements or you will not be permitted to test. Additional information on identification requirements can be found on Page 10 of the GRE information Bulletin. 

The test center in Nanjing is located at:
  Address: Nanjing Testing Center,National Education Examinations Authority,1/F North Door of Library, Nanjing University, #22 Hankou Road,Nanjing, Jiang Su Province,P. R. China南京市汉口路22 南京大学图书馆北侧门一楼 教育部考试中心南京考点     (210093)
  Tel: 025-83594869 Fax: 025-83594869

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