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  对于这个标题,我了解得并不是很多。以前进行的网络编程也是很简单的,都是通过已有的控件进行网络连接。这样说吧,整个网络协议已经让控件封装好了,我只是简单的调用一下控件本身自带的函数就可以很方便的进行网络通讯。比如我去年搞的,某市高考录取情况查询器,就是简单的通过ALTHTTP这个已经封装好的类进行网络连接。但是现在我面对的是一个没有公开标准的协议。另一方面来说,这个协议也就不存在已经可以让我利用的已经封装好的类或控件。(至少我没有找到这样的类,如果有的话,麻烦告诉我一声,THX)。完全没有过编写网络协议方面的经验,这次对我来说也算是一个不小的挑战。还好事情总是有好的一方面的,我还是在网上找到了关于MMS协议的分析版,在这里我对SDP TEAM的工作表示感谢。SDP TEAM 杰出的工作让我减少了很多压力,虽然SDP TEAM并没有公开其SDP的源代码。但是一份对MMS分析的文档已经是对我很大的帮忙的。

What is MMS?
MMS or ' Microsoft Media Server ' protocol is Microsoft's proprietary network streaming protocol. Microsoft has never released a specification to describe how MMS actually works, yet it is extensively used by their Microsoft media player software. MMS protocol can be used on top of TCP and UDP transport protocols over any network medium. Its primary use is to stream live or prerecorded audio and video content to your computer without any need to download a file before playing.

Who and what is SDP ?
SDP or the Streaming Download Project is a small dedicated team of independent software coders. We are a nonprofit team with only one goal - understanding (and documenting) MMS fully. Our resulting implementation of our MMS document has lead to the development of a MMS streaming receiver for windows media streaming. So now, not only can you view the streaming media in preview mode, SDP receiver downloads (or copies) the stream to your hard disk. This cannot be achieved with a standard Windows Media player.
We believe our project to be the only one of its kind in the world (or at least the first of many!) with other MMS developers using our findings as a basis for their own code implementations. Of that we are proud and glad to be of service. We are always open to comments and feedback and of course your own findings and information on MMS are welcome.

Remember, SDP can now download the following protocols, not just mms:
Http v1.0 streaming protocol,
Http progressive (simple http download) and of course: mms, mmst and mmsu over both TCP and UDP transport protocols.The current version of SDP (2.0.0) does not support RTSP streaming. This will be featured in the next release.

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