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K-3D displaying a one million polygon mesh on GNU/Linux
K-3D displaying a one million polygon mesh on GNU/Linux

K-3D Joins Software Freedom Conservancy
May 27, 2009 - K-3D becomes the seventeenth member of the Software Freedom Conservancy, a nonprofit organization supporting Free Software projects. Membership in the Conservancy brings many benefits to K-3D, including the ability to receive tax-exempt Donations where allowed by law.

Google Summer of Code 2008 Report
Last year's Google Summer of code was a big hit! Several new plugins were created: Nurbs curves and surfaces tools, Material Manager, Importer and Exporters and CUDA mesh and bitmaps plugins.
All of these plugins are in the development release, see the Download page for details.

Mac OSX Installer Released!
Thanks to Tim effort now he have K-3D installer for Mac OSX. The Mac release number is, so its a bit behind the latest development, bit still exciting.
I you have friends that use Mac, you should tell s/he of this K-3D release.

K-3D 0.7 Released!
K-3D 0.7 has a new, cross-platform build system based on CMake, and major improvements in scalability and performance. Up to now Binaries are provided for Win32. Later we are planning for Linux and Mac OSX. Check the download section.

Keep in Touch
The K-3D team has created an Announce Mailing List to deliver the most recent news about K-3D. We will send information about new releases and new features ... low traffic, good stuff!

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