NextWindow Two-Touch API


NextWindow's touch Application Program Interface (API) provides programmers with access to touch data generated by a NextWindow touch screen. It also provides derived touch information. For information about the capabilities of NextWindow products and which ones you can interface to using the API, see NextWindow Latest Technical Information.

The touch events, data and derived information can be used in any way the application wants.

Communications are via HID-compliant USB.

The API is in the form of a DLL that provides useful functions for application developers.



Multi-touch simply refers to a touch-sensitive device that can independently detect and optionally resolve the position of two or more touches on screen at the same time. In contrast, a traditional touch screen senses the position of a single touch and hence is not a multi-touch device.

bullet “Detect” refers to the ability to sense that a touch has occurred somewhere on screen.
bullet “Resolve” refers to the ability to report the coordinates of the touch position.

NextWindow’s standard optical touch hardware can detect two touches on screen. The firmware can resolve the position of two simultaneous touches (with some limitations).


NextWindow Multi-Touch API Downloads contains the following files:

NWMultiTouch.dll The DLL file containing the Multi-Touch API.
NWMultiTouch.h The Header file containing the function definitions.
NWMultiTouchMS.lib The Library file for Microsoft Visual Studio compiler
NWMultiTouch.lib The Library file for Borland and other compilers

NextWindow's DLL is 32-bit. If you are building an application on a 64-bit machine, you need to specify a 32-bit build. To change this setting in Visual C#, change the platform target to x86 under the Build page of Project Settings. See the following Microsoft article for more details.

Example Code


NextWindow USB API User Guide v1.7 (91 KB pdf file)

NextWindow Multi-Touch Whitepaper (2722 KB pdf)

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