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  • A list of interesting C++ applications. I welcome suggestions for additions.
  • An incomplete list of C++ compilers.

  • A list of available C++ libraries known as the C++ libraries FAQ.
  • Boost.org: A repository for libraries meant to work well with the C++ standard library.
  • Doug Schmidt's site with information about a lot of things including the ACE framework and the TAO real-time ORB.
  • AT&T Cambridge Laboratory's robust, reliable, efficient, open-source, CORBA2.1 compliant OmniORB (in C++ and supporting C++, of course :-).
  • High-performance numerical libraries provide excellent tests for interesting new programming techniques: The Object-Oriented Numerics Page is a list of libraries, projects, and mailing lists. For example: POOMA from LANL, Blitz++ from U. of Waterloo, MTL from U. of Notre Dame, and ROOT from CERN. Note that the POOMA project maintains a page listing compilers that are standards conforming enough for their advanced uses. All of these libraries are available for downloading.
  • Hans-J. Boehm's site for C and C++ garbage collection and a couple of sites offering collectors based on his work (University of Tokyo, geodesic.com).
  • C++ Standards FAQ containing many valuable links (including some to implementations of the standard library).
  • Several test suites are available for C++ (try looking for ``C++ test suite'' using your favorite search engine. For example, Plumhall and Perennial sell extensive commercial standards conformance suites.

  • An old, but unfortunately not completely irrelevant, net posting answering some unfair criticisms of C++.
  • A net posting about how to approach learning C++.
  • An ASCII version of the slides I used for my keynote at the Spring'99 Embedded Systems Conference.

  • Marshall Cline's C++ FAQ.
  • The learn.c-c++ newsgroup FAQ presents much information of use for C and/or C++ novices.
  • STL (Standard Template Library) FAQ.
  • SGI's implementation of the STL.
  • Dinkumware's online standard library reference.
  • Rogue Wave's online documentation of an commentary on the standard library.

  • An extensive collection of book reviews can be found on the ACCU (The Association of C and C++ Users) site.
  • Sean Corfield's site summarizing the changes from ARM C++ to Standard C++.
  • David Tribble's paper listing incompatibilities between C++ and C99.
  • A list of resources for people learning C++ from The Cambridge University Engineering Department.
  • A list of C++ resources such as libraries, implementations, books, FAQs, other C++ pages, etc..

  • A large (18,000+) collection of links to information on OO, OOP languages, etc. called Cetus.
  • A page listing numerous GUI toolkits.
  • A catalog of C++ links from Forschungszentrum Julich.
  • Addison-Wesley Longman's links to C++ and OOP resources.
  • Greg Comeau's C++ related site in New York.
  • Brad Appleton's collection of C++ and OOP links.
  • The C++ section of the open directory project.

  • Herb Sutter's collection of articles focussing on how to learn and use Standard C++ in a modern style.
  • Kevlin Henneys' collection of thought provoking and useful articles about good C++ design and style.
  • The C/C++ Users Journal has a changing collection of useful articles and links especially the C++ Expert Forum.

  • Several videos, audio recordings, and transcripts of talks, panels, and interviews from Dr. Dobb's Technetcast archieves featuring me.
  • Dennis Ritchie's homepage containing lots of interesting information about the history of C, Unix, and (AT&T) Bell Lab's computer science research center (where C++ was born).
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    【推荐】超50万行VC++源码: 大型组态工控、电力仿真CAD与GIS源码库
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