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DeinoMPI is an implementation of MPI-2 for Microsoft Windows. 


注:MPI-2Message Passing Interface, is MPI? MPI is a library of functions and macros which is intended for use in programs that exploit the existence of multiple processors by message-passing. 也就是说,MPI是一套规范,定义了一些函数和宏,它被用来在程序中通过消息传递来发挥多处理器的处理能力。

DeinoMPI is an implementation of the MPI-2 standard for parallel computing or more generally it is system level middle-ware for high performance parallel computing on Microsoft Windows systems. It supports Win32 and Win64 machines.

DeinoMPIMPI-2的一个实现,MPI-2for并行计算的。更通用地说,DeinoMPIwindows系统上的一个高性能并行计算的系统level中间件。它有两个版本,分别是for win32for win64的。

1) DeinoMPI provides the libraries necessary for software developers to write parallel applications that conform to the MPI-2 standard for parallel computing.  Software developers who wish to develop new parallel applications or wish to add parallel capabilities to existing software would benefit from using DeinoMPI.  The libraries provided support a wide range of C, C++ and Fortran compilers.

2) DeinoMPI also provides a process manager used to start processes on multiple machines in a cluster remotely.  Microsoft Windows does not provide native capability to start user applications on remote machines.  DeinoMPI provides a secure mechanism to do just that.  The primary purpose of the DeinoMPI process manager is to set up the environment and launch processes used in MPI jobs but it is not restricted to this functionality.  It can launch any application remotely on behalf of the user.

The following users will benefit from DeinoMPI: Businesses that develop software and wish to add parallel capabilities to increase the performance of their software.  Research institutions that have parallel software codes that they want to run on their Windows machines.  Universities or other educational institutions that teach courses on parallel computing.  University or research labs that run computationally intensive software and wish to use parallel versions of their software to better utilize their computer resources.  Students or hobbyists that wish to write parallel programs.


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