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Yin Feilong

Address: Room 110 Building 11 Nanjing University Hankou Road 22, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province 210093

Phone: (86-25) 8359-4465  +86135-8519-7909

       E-mail:             Homepage:


C++ Software Design Engineer


      B.E Department of Information Management, Nanjing University.  Aug.2002 – Present

      GPA: Overall: 3.2/4.0

Academic Main Courses:

Development Tools of Management Information System

Management Information Systems and software Engineering

Information Analysis and Policy Making, Information Retrieval and Storage

Programming Languages (C), Data Structures, Database Systems

Computer Network, System Science and Techniques, Information Organization

Computer Abilities:


           National Computer Rank Examination Grade Three(NCRE-3)

      Qualification of Computer and Software Technology Proficiency: Software Designer


Expert: C/C++, Visual Foxpro, HTML, Asp, CSS

Intermediate: Rational Rose, SQL Server, XML, Java, Project 2003

Beginner: C#,, Visual C++, Oracle

English Skills:

Have a good command of both spoken and written English. Past CET-4


      Developer. Lily-Studio of Nanjing University, June 2003 – May 2004

           Designed and implemented the Community of Lily Alumni

              Editor in chief of the magazine Network Guide

       Lab Manager. Information Technology Lab. June 2004 – Present

Supervisor of Network Application, Designed and implemented FTPSMTP-based mail ServerVPN Web Server

Designed and implemented 2 websites of Department of Information Management and School of Public, using ASP and ACCESS

              Designed and implemented the platform of Tech-Learn Information

           Translate some parts of Web-based Analysis for competitive.


       FootballPing pong

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