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Yesterday a 'asking for help' email was send by a stuff from britain, it was then forwarded to me by my leader. He asked me to write out a sample code to make following functionality working, to get the video card information including driver and driver version as well as the audio card. I found it a challenge to me when I make clear what he want.

Let me try, I replied and began to work. At first I was lost in various API functions in Win32 and DX SDK Documents, and switched from one to another between them. Step by step, I could obtain the video card description and driver ,and a version number as bonus. When it comes to audio, things became bad to worse, the driver version seemed never be emerged. Finally, All luck in the world falls on me, I found that there is a sample project packed in the sdk, with its name DxDiagReport, similar to the DX tool--dxdiag.exe. This project is to query the information obtained by the very tool programmatically. What a fantastic tool MS made, and what a helpful project I found.

Actually, the ultimate aim for me is to rewrite the dxdiag, but it's too difficult, ^_^

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haha ! yes, it's so difficult.  回复  更多评论

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