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It took me a week to collect the "on sale" informations of ipod online,u might have a "?", so long time, why?  :). the answer is money, what I search for is a second hand ipod, either mini or nano. The price online ranges from 450 to 1000.
I found mini better after having a close touch with nano in digital mall. Nano is too tiny, apart from the consideration of price.
At last, I got my eyes on a mini 2nd generation, for which the seller asked for 630 RMB, I'm a price killer and paid 500 RMB ultimately.
I think it is a good bargain, the machine is under-used for only a month, and the accessory is complete including a selectable AC adapter. The moment I touched the awesome click-wheel, I took to ipod. The tech is something like touch pad on notebook, but more amazing.
Here is a photo, it's not bad, isn't it?

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2012-11-08 19:36 | Jason Huang


开发要求1、精通Linux or Windows底层知识;2、精通C++;3、精通数据结构和算法。




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