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What’s new in 1.03(001)~~~



Bug fix:

  • Some wrong Chinese translations
  • The find records were not appended to history when replacing
  • The context menu [Clear] in OutpuWindow was not executed
  • Failed to find text backward when the cursor was at the end of document.
  • Some system menus were tearoffed.
  • Crashed if a default printer was not installed
  • Wrong indication when save as already exist read-only or locked file


  • Mouse wheeling can change the font size of edit when press Ctrl now.
  • Save the macros with the default Save Dialog
  • Don’t create a default window if already exist one
  • Show Goto dialog when click the line count area on StatusBar
  • Add Copy PathName to the context menu of Tab
  • Add Document to CommandBar
  • Add Clipboard monitor
  • The elements of edit could be saved now.
  • Enhance the Tab with more features such as style, icon, mark and width¡­
  • All the MessageBox was centered on their parents
  • Regular expression: \c: Chinese Kanji, \j: Hiragana, \J: Katakana, \P:CJK Punctuations
  • FullScrren Dialog can be closed now.
  • MUI command was move to [Help].
  • Disable the folding area when loading file without lexer.
  • Auto complete words when WM_CHAR, min length is 3

Core (Edit.dll):

  • Add copy line function
  • Beep when try to modify a read-only document
  • Auto close the wrap when column selecting
  • Don’t move the cursor when a file is dropping over
  • Don’t update document’s PathName and CheckPoint when failed to save.
  • Change PRINT_LINE’s BG&FG to default.
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