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git add *

undo add:
You can undo git add before commit with

git reset <file> 

which will remove it from the current index (the "about to be committed" list) without changing anything else.

You can use

git reset

add brach:
git branch rikSkinLoader

view branch:
git branch -a

switch branch:
git checkout BranchName

delete branch:
git branch -d

push branch:
git push origin branchname

git pull origin <remote_branch>:<local_branch>
git pull origin master:master

git remote update


First use git remote update, to bring your remote refs up to date. Then you can do one of several things, such as:

git status -uno 
git status -uno will tell you whether the branch you are tracking is ahead, behind or has diverged. If it says nothing, the local and remote are the same.
git show-branch *master
git show-branch *master will show you the commits in all of the branches whose names end in 'master' (eg master and origin/master).

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