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  1. 开发背景

OgreBlender都是开源软件中的佼佼者,前者提供了作为一个real time renderer的各种要素,后者作为offlineanimation renderermodel工具, 根据Ogre官网上的资料及一些开源爱好者的建议,可以作为level editor来与外部的renderer或者是游戏引擎合作。有了这两个强大的工具,其他诸如声音物理等等模块可以依赖于其他的开源工具很方便的解决,这也为我们呈现了一种低成本的游戏开发解决方案。



  1. 案例



My alltime favourite game is Super Mario 64. In my eyes its still the king of the 3D Platform game category. Some people http://www.stevestreeting.com/?p=448 just dont get this genre though.

Anyway I have been trying to make a similar game using Ogre of course and a couple of other open source libraries out there ODE, LUA, OIS, FMod (not OS). I have also used AC3D for some modelling and Blender for Level Design and modelling.


Its intresting that the core engine and first test level was up and running just a couple of months after I started in May 2006. But to create a useful Art/level pipeline took much longer than I expected. I took a long break from programming during autumn and winter but still it was almost as much work as writing the game engine! Learning Python programming and the Blender Python API was also an intresting experience. Don forget those tabs


Levels are built in Blender using a custom level exporter together with reimpells Ogre mesh exporter. The generated levels are just LUA scripts that calls into the game engine to set up the world and handle events.


FMod integration and building a Demo with 5 complete levels is my next step. And getting rid of the crappy programmer art of course. That will be a tough one...


  Here is a level concept with good old pen & paper I wrote a couple of days ago:

Here is the level starting to take shape in Blender. Last shot is a Blender render of the level.

Here is the level in Ogre:

AVI video (Microsoft encoded Im afraid):
Video ~10Mb (mp42 codec)

Older format:
Video ~10Mb (mpg4 codec)

A couple of other levels Ive been toying with:


Pasted from <http://www.ogre3d.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=39835&view=next&sid=ce193664e1d3d7c4af509e6f4e2718c6>


  1. 开发步骤:


The Blender-Ogre process

So, it is decision time - how will I go about making levels Three level choices, as I see it :

1) Build my own level editor, build an importer, generate the levels

2) Use Blender to build the scene, export all the meshes, export the scene to dotscene format and bring it in that way, using the generic Ogre scene manager

3) Use Blender to build the scene, export all the meshes, export the scene to dotscene format, then import it to octree and bring it in using the Ogre octree scene manager

My understanding is that 3 has speed advantages. Dont really understand it all yet. More research needed. Probably NOT going to do 1, though - It’d be doable, particularly if I limited myself to rectangular, perpendicular rooms, but it’d be nice to be able to NOT limit myself that way.

More reading, more research.


Pasted from <http://israndomrandom.com/>


  4. 参考资料:



Note:这个教程很好,课程名叫做Videogame Creation and Design,学完这门课程,基本上可以用Blender配合Ogre及其他的开源库做出一个游戏来

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