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OpenCV : build with Glade on Android Studio


Android Studio 0.8.2+ and above, could easily import modules. Thanks to TGMCains answer, is simplified, by using Android Studio itself to import OpenCV as a module.

  1. Download latest OpenCV sdk for Android from and decompress the zip file.
  2. Import OpenCV to Android Studio, From File -> Import Module, choose sdk/java folder in the unzipped opencv archive.
  3. Update build.gradle under imported OpenCV module to update 4 fields to match your project build.gradle a) compileSdkVersion b) buildToolsVersion c) minSdkVersion and 4) targetSdkVersion.
  4. Add module dependency by Application -> Module Settings, and select the Dependenciestab. Click + icon at bottom, choose Module Dependency and select the imported OpenCV module.
  5. Copy libs folder under sdk/native to Android Studio under app/src/main.
  6. In Android Studio, rename the copied libs directory to jniLibs and we are done.

Step (6) is since Android studio expects native libs in app/src/main/jniLibs instead of older libs folder. For those new to Android OpenCV, don't miss below steps

  • include static{ System.loadLibrary("opencv_java"); }
  • For step(5), if you ignore any platform libs like x86, make sure your device/emulator is not on that platform.

OpenCV written is in C/C++. Java wrappers are

  1. Android OpenCV SDK - maintained Android Java wrapper. I suggest this one.
  2. OpenCV Java - maintained auto generated desktop Java wrapper.
  3. JavaCV - Popular Java wrapper maintained by independent developer(s). Not Android specific. This library might get out of sync with OpenCV newer versions.

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