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在HTML页中Disable/Enable 一个控件

Posted on 2009-05-27 15:27 asnaper 阅读(1922) 评论(0)  编辑 收藏 引用 所属分类: Web Dev

 具有两个input控件和一个submit 按钮的一个HTML 表单:

<form action="form_action.asp" method="get">
  Email: <input type="text" name="email" /><br />
  Country: <input type="text" name="country" value="Norway"
  readonly="readonly" /><br />
  <input type="submit" value="Submit" />

Definition and Usage

The readonly attribute specifies that an input field should be read-only.

A read-only field cannot be modified. However, a user can tab to it, highlight it, and copy the text from it.

The readonly attribute can be set to keep a user from changing the value until some other condition has been met (like selecting a checkbox, etc.). Then, a JavaScript is required to remove the readonly value, and make the input field editable.

The readonly attribute can be used with <input type="text"> or <input type="password">.

Dev can use JS code to add/remove the readonly value to an element dynamically such as "element.readonly = true/false"

<script type="text/javascript">
function updateElementsreadOnly(nodeName, bReadOnly)
 var x =document.getElementsByName("myInput");
 for(var i = 0; x[i]; i++)
  x[i].readOnly = bReadOnly;

<input name="myInput" type="text" size="20" /><br />
<input name="myInput" type="text" size="20" /><br />
<input name="myInput" type="text" size="20" /><br />
<br />

<button onclick="updateElementsreadOnly('myInput', false)">去除只读</button>
<button onclick="updateElementsreadOnly('myInput', true)">添加只读</button>

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