Fendi island way Sleuth bag

Grain leather texture, laced leather pipage, logo inscribed smoothed gold metal hardware, with a thorn-like knots in the soft shoulder strap by 2 color woven leather, 5.5 "long, lovely colour beads and fiber tassel edging around the whole handbag. positive is woven leather handles and leather slashes with round buckle, with the edge of the hidden mirror compartment hidden in the circle opposite the seal buckle, the buckle is of a period by lock Dhuka jacquard wallet, printed with the speech Dhuka fabric lining.

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GUCCI new limited variation handbag to celebrate 85 years of age listed

To observe the boutique sector GUCCI operated in 85 years, this year's Creative Manager Frida Giannini designed a serials of great limited edition handbags, called the "85th Gucci" series, faithfully convey the skill and craftsmanship Gucci pursuit of sexy modern image of the dual lead character. 85th Gucci by GUCCI canonical serials package shall ─ ─ "Hobo bag" and "Boston bag" stand on the adumbrate, and to increase the rank of refined edition of the horse as decoration, in which a variety of colourings and materials, particularly to the 85-year-old birthday festivity was developed, and to highlight the brand spirit, a new interpreting of each bag are involved to the horse inside the title parts in Baoshen, and low-key manner with copper and enamel badge made of the anniversary, a very memorial; addition to cortex, it is not the absence of precious things, rather emblematic "Tartan Web" velvet ribbon printed textile, one can also know the people from the hands of the important elements of Gucci, while "The Bridle" reins Printed velvet material , also show an equestrian tradition as the inspiration for the brand, and link the popular image of modern Gucci.

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BV 2010 natural spring and summer handbags

Natural Spring 2010, Bottega Veneta presented with a serial of both simplified and it's spring and summer women's personal fashion. The main colors this season is filled of natural simmpleness of feeling, including white, ivory, beige and beige; was a piece of colour is set off with shiny, elegant charm, such as egg yolk yellow, blue porcelain blue, and purple orchid red fever. Many solid color for use, contemplating the result of oil painting technique to handle, bring an extra touch to a serials of simple contrast features. Fabrics, woven cotton with woven cotton canvas and thin, there are a variety of new hybrid materials - silk and Viscose rayon, silk and cotton, and the combination of silk and linen and soft sketch of the body beautiful lines.

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Biggest name callings in light early springtime windcheater paragraph

Latterly been busy raising his freshly celluloid in several places "Confucius" and Zhou Xun, the two appear to Burberry's beige windbreaker. The Heye Bian skirt-style anorak, played a very great effect of body modification. He Yebian dresser can be changed just "peace Princess," umbrella-like skirt, and waist design relaxation are assessed, elegant woman with high heels Jin Xian.

Can be insured that this springtime will be a windbreaker with the Heye Bian's brilliant spot is the almost average location in the chest and collar. Classic turndown collar stitching of the He Yebian smooth and effective, together with the integration of double-breasted style, waist belt and the items of the abdominal cavity is still so thin curves show a clear, very fashionable.

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The 2010 natural spring and summertime of plain parts in the wardrobe of silk shirt

If you have been unaware of where silk shirt in the shape act as a decisive role in that, then by modeling the Queen Daphne Guinness, said in an interview with the words awoke yourself - "I like the satin shirts and PVC tights, which nearly matches the all the match! "While the queen he does not resort to wearing it, but others," The Queen who "looks but can not do without it-Kate Moss is often a vacuum in the upper body wear, do not think that is intended to create sex-starved effect;" Vogue "editor of the French edition Carine Roitfeld wearing only their own, but also, and his daughter play "to change into clothes" game; Young Alexa Chung to use it with a variety of skirts, sweaters and jackets, rock wind, the wind and the geek look sweet, pure silk shirt can be achieved. So, if you find that your wardrobe has not silk shirts, please re-awaken their own fashion  of feel and immediately bought a few pieces to try on.

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Identification of physical leather and man-made leather

Along with the societal scientific disciplines and technical development, leather technology matures, the product quality greatly improved, particularly in the anti-leather front, permeability, tractableness, feel and show, and many other respects they are  to natural leather, but the price is far from lower than the natural leather, and therefore, in order to enhance our ability to identify now introduce some simple and direct method for reference:
Visual designation method: Firstly, from the leather pattern, pores and other aspects to identify, in natural leather pattern on the surface can be seen, the existence of pores, and uneven distribution, and negative with animal fiber, side cross-section, level clearly identifiable, test will appear with your fingers scraping leather fibers were put into the side of non-animal fiber, the general pore-free skin, but some man-made leather pores, the pores will be obvious existence of some patterns were not evident, or more regular pattern of artificial production, pores are also very similar.
Hand identification method: In fact, flexible leather handle, leather face down will be about 90 degrees bending occurs naturally fold, respectively, in different parts of bending, the resulting folding pattern thickness or less, with a clear uneven, can be basically determined that the leather, because leather has a natural fibrous tissue of non-uniform composition, so the performance of the formation of fold lines there was a marked uneven. The synthetic leather handle plastic, poor reversibility, variable fold down folding patterns are similar to rough.
Olfactory Perception Identification Law: Natural leather with a fur Yigu very strong flavor, even after treatment, more pronounced taste, while the leather products, there are stock plastic taste, no fur taste.
Burning identification method: primarily smell the ashes of burnt smell and look at the state, natural leather will be issued Yi Gu burning sense of burnt hair. The ashes of burnt powder into a in general fragile, while the leather, burning after the flame are more wang, shrink quickly, and a stock is difficult to hear the plastic taste, burning late-sticky after cooling into a hard block will be issued.

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Purple handbag

Strange is not ice-purple, but a little childish Barbie doll. Short-sleeved dress with beige FENDI used to be able to create a pure and bright feeling. MARNI magic again with the belt color buttons and immediately stand out in the crowd.

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Canvas handbag you Bianshen lovely Daren

Hot summer canvas handbag has become the trend of essential items, wearing crisp dress, or a T shirt denim hot pants and makeup, as long as the coupled with a sail, immediately make you light up from head to toe. Lovely style, no doubt the Department of every girl's favorite, very wild, set in a lovely sweet, so you are easy to be a beautiful summer day.

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This is a cranberry color Betseyville Ningbu Charity Toth dual-purpose single-handbag, handbag the section to the cranberry color with a single rope and cattle Ningbu Bark band, the overall handbag shall look pretty young, feeling full. handbag shall have a zipper hidden layer of internal space large, can put down your long clip, cell phones, digital cameras, lock rings, jackets, magazines and other belongings can be used as luggage. handbag shall have a great love in front of the word brand, and coupled with refined diamond match. Inlaid with gold leather brand tag, and Crystal, so that the overall handbag even more eye-catching models. Cikuan handbag shall belong to flip handbag models, two-sided can with style. In addition, there are buckles on both sides can change the shape of handbags. Not only for work, out of town, shops with clothes to wear more stylish ride!

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LV's handbag:secret for eternity

    A mature handbag brands usually have a maturity of "making money" model, in particular, is a country with centuries-old tradition of the enterprise, because it is in their organization is often stereotyped. When it is in the face of pressures and challenges, this model the unique talent and sensitivity to market demands is often indispensable. In the long river of history, there are many large handbag companies have this kind model. Louis Vuitton handbag is one of them.

Did not come off the Champs Elysees Avenue, which is not actually been to Paris; have never been to Louis Vuitton handbag's head office, then you have not actually been to the Champs Elysees. This can be in Paris, Champs-Elysees can be corroborated.

Louis Vuitton handbag has 154-year-old company has such a superhuman charisma, his "secret" is, "With the change" instead of "rigid." "With the change" is that Louis Vuitton is not right with the future development strategy that matches the industry has taken a very decisive processing means. Not "rigid" is that it sold inconsistent with the company's development strategy, was able to obtain the highly profitable derivatives business.

    This "With the change" not "rigid" money-making model of traits, Louis Vuitton handbag company, a hundred years has been to advocate refined, quality, comfort, as the starting basis for the design. Thus, the name Louis Vuitton handbag brand is also rapidly spread throughout the world and become a symbol of the finest luxury goods.






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Who is the best person Juesha

Game this season, Bryant in the final 10 seconds, 12 second shot hit seven balls (based on the score tied, or Juesha basis).

Bryant is the only one in the past 10 years, single-season completion of seven times the "last 10 seconds the ball will hit the decisive score tied, or Juesha opponent" player.

Kobe Bryant in the past 10 years, shot 89 times at the last minute but only hit 26 balls, his Juesha hit rate was 29.2%, which were actually slightly lower than the Union average Juesha hit rate.

Bryant shot at crucial moments this season, no one can compare the number of ranking is the second Bulls Derek - Rose, who shot a total of 8 times. In addition to Bryant, there is no one key to this season more than 3 times the number of balls hit.

In the last 10 seconds hit the ball a key part of the highest hit rate - Chris Paul, he was a critical moment this season, shot four times hit three balls. The Bosh, Chris Duhon, Duncan, Felton, Guy, Lee, Lewis and Mayo are all three shots hit two balls in the league this season, the average hit rate of 26.7% Juesha.

Over the past 10 years, the highest hit rate in the Juesha player belongs - Carmelo Anthony, who hit 13 goals, 28 shots hit rate as high as 46.4%, while Paul - Gasol actually ranked second in his 22 times 9 shot hit the ball into the shooting more than four. Followed by Tony - Parker and Paul.

Kobe Bryant over the past 10 years, the number shot up to a critical moment, a total of 89 times, far ahead of second-place Vince - Carter 69, Pierce 57 times, Wade's 51 and James 50.

Kobe Bryant hit 26 balls over the past 10 years, hit a few key moments are also ahead of the League, followed by Carter's 20 times, Ray - Allen's 17 times, Allen - Allen Iverson's 14, Anthony, Duncan, Connaught Vitski and Pierce's 13 times.

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