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Provides news and views, articles, job offers, and more, all related to game development


Tutorials for C, C++, Win32 API, DirectX, OpenGL, networking, and game development


“Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer. It is used by MPEG playback software, emulators, and many popular games, including the award winning Linux port of ‘Civilization: Call To Power.’”


Articles from Game Developer magazine, news of the game industry (requires setting up a free userid)

Organizations and Conferences


Organization for game developers…membership is $100/year, $35/year for students, and includes Game Developer magazine


Parent organization for Gamasutra Online, Game Developer magazine, and the game developer’s conference


Annual game developer’s conference


Independent Games Festival…contest for independent game developers, and a student showcase to highlight work of high school and college game developers


Home of independent games and game makers

3D Graphics Libraries


Microsoft DirectX information site


OpenGL information site (code samples, tutorials, etc)


Nate Robins OpenGL site, containing precompiled GLUT for Windows, tutorials, etc


Free GLUT API replacement for game programming


Another GLUT replacement OpenGL framework for Windows and Unix/X11

3D Graphics Engines


3D engines list, last updated 6/23/2000…lists 643 engines


Commercial 3D game engines list, last updated 5/16/97


Amp 2 game engine…licenses start at $200


Graphics license, $3000, sound license $2000, network license $2000


Free for free mods, need to negotiate a license for commercial use


Free game development kit in C++…multiplatform, using OpenGL


Graphics engine using OpenGL and C# that started as a class project…includes support for Cg shader programming


The Fly3D libraries (v1 and v2) from the 3D Games books by Watt and Policarpo…Fly3D v1.02 is free for commercial and noncommercial use, while Fly3D v2 is available for free under the GPL if the resulting game is also GPL, or for a fee for a single game use without royalties


GLVR library for entertainment VR, in particular games, written in C++


2D/3D game library from China


Panard Vision, free for noncommercial use


Torque game engine, including networking, GUI builder, world editor and scripting language…includes full source code for game engine…$100 per programmer with no royalties to use for any company with less than $500,000 in sales…the engine used in Tribes, Tribes2, Starsiege, etc


V3x.net engine…free for freeware or evaluation, 5000 Euros for 1 game, 15000 Euros for unlimited games, ??? for unlimited usage with source code


Quake engine and tools are available for free under the GPL, or for a flat fee of $10000 per title with no royalties…Quake II engine is available for free under the GPL, or for a flat fee of $10000 per title with no royalties….Quake II tools are NOT GPL, and are for noncommercial use only, or can be licensed for $5000 a project…Quake III engine is $250000 guarantee against a 5% royalty of the wholesale title price


Wild Magic game engine, from Dave Eberly’s book…free for noncommercial projects, or for commercial products that do more than just sell the game engine

Game information sites




Books of Interest

Game Programming Gems, Mark DeLoura, editor, August 2000, Charles River Media, ISBN 1584500492

Game Programming Gems 2, Mark DeLoura, editor, October 2001, Charles River Media, ISBN 1584500549

Game Programming Gems 3, Dante Treglia and Mark DeLoura, editors, July 2002, Charles River Media, ISBN 1584502339

An attempt to be to game development what Graphics Gems is to computer graphics in general

AI Game Programming Wisdom, Steve Rabin, editor, March 2002, Charles River Media, ISBN 1584500778

Mathematics for 3D Game Programming & Computer Graphics, Eric Lengyel, December 2001, Charles River Media, ISBN 1584500379

The Cg Tutorial: The Definitive Guide to Programmable Real-Time Graphics, Randima Fernando and Mark Kilgard, February 2003, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0321194969

Real-Time Shader Programming, Ron Fosner, December 2002, Morgan Kaufmann, ISBN 1558608532

Real-Time Rendering, 2nd edition, Tomas Akenine-Moller & Eric Haines, July 2002, AK Peters, ISBN 1568811829

Physics for Game Developers, David Bourg, November 2001, O’Reilly & Associates, ISBN 0596000065

3D Game Engine Design: A Practical Approach to Real-Time Computer Graphics, David Eberly, September 2000, Morgan Kaufmann, ISBN 1558605932

3D Games: Real-Time Rendering and Software Technology, Volume 1, Alan Watt and Fabio Policarpo, December 2000, Addison Wesley, ISBN 0201619210

3D Games: Animation and Advanced Real-Time Rendering, Volume 2, Alan Watt and Fabio Policarpo, January 2003, Addison Wesley, ISBN 0201787067


【推荐】超50万行VC++源码: 大型组态工控、电力仿真CAD与GIS源码库
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