2008年5月17日 #

long time after the blog

          Some time, I did want to give up the ACM Contest. For my good friend , she gives me confidence to continue it. So I owe her lots of
           Here  so many pros , I have a little afraid . But now , with her , I gets up.

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2007年11月10日 #

acm greenbird

    So far , I has been an ACMer for only month .  I have learned so much .  Even I'm not so clever that can do with  a lot of problems . But I do my best to get the best results. I want to be a good programmer so eagerly. As a consequence , reading the library's books  of the foreign edition ,not thinking how hard they are. Only read one word by one .
    Sometimes , I want to give up the ACM for it being so difficult. Next time,  my hold  ,never give up,  presses me to continue. I'll go forward.

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