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The purpose of NMGen is to generate navigation meshes from arbitrary source geometry. Features fall into two categories: Core and 'standard build'.
NMGen用于将任意网格转化为一个或多个NavMesh。 其所有功能都包含于两个目录: Core(核心) 和 'standard build'(普通);

The core features are located in the org.critterai.nmgen namespace and involve creating simplified polygon mesh data from detailed triangle-based source geometry. You can code your own build process from scratch using these features, but it will require a significant amount of work and detailed knowlege of all aspects of the process.

The standard build process implements a flexible, extendable build process suitable for use at design time. It takes care of many of the mundane details for you. Its features are implemented in the following namespaces:
Common extentions: org.critterai.nmbuild
Unity extensions: org.critterai.nmbuild.u3d.editor
通用扩展(3): nmbuild
Unity扩展: nmbuild.u3d.editor

The standard build process has three main steps which will be covered in detail throughout the rest of this section.
Compile the input.
The NMGen Build. (Produces the polygon meshes.)
Create the navigation mesh.