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How to Compile/Test Loki source code in Linux

Previously, I review and test the source code of the Loki under the windows XP by the visual C++ express. It is easy to compile and test the Loki code in windows. Just download the zip file or the .exe file from the sourceforge website. The directory contains the Visual C++ project file, which can read the makefile automatically and compile the code in the test directory very easily. However, you may not know the dependency between the src files in this project because they are hidden in the makefile and the src code themselves.
Today, I update my PC to the Linux Enviroment and tried to re-install the visual C++ express in the windows based on the vmware. Unfortunately, the VC++ express failed to be installed sucessfully due to some unknown errors. So I turn to compile and test the code purely in the Linux envrioment, as the Loki states that it is completely supported by the gcc.
Actually, it is a little mysterial that how to compile the test code, at least generate the .o file to run under the command line, because I am not sure how to dedicate the include path for a specified src file and futher how to include other src files on which the on-testing files are depending.
Select the file Factory.cpp as an example. Before I test the this src file, I have no idea that which files should this Factory.cpp use.
First step, because all the .h files this Loki project uses are all stored in the directory ../loki-0.1.7/include, even I have no compelete knowlege that which .h files are used in this test, I can indicate the g++ compiler to search the dedicated directory firstly before the current directory and the system including directory. Just like below:
g++ -I  /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/loki/loki-0.1.7/loki-0.1.7/include/ -o /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/hello /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/loki/loki-0.1.7/loki-0.1.7/test/Factory/Factory.cpp
However, although the .h files can be found, many errors  like "undefined reference to `Loki::SmallObjAllocator::~SmallObjAllocator()" blocks the generation of the hello.o. It is because some implementation of the methods are not found. Actually, only the .h files are inlcuded, but the implementaiton files are not found.
So, I need to find where these undefined references are, i.e, find the src files which the Factory.cpp depends on. As the all the source files are already added to the sourceinsight tool project, it is easy to find that the undefined references are from two files Singleton.cpp and SmallObj.cpp. Actually, all the libary src .cpp files (not the testing files with main() function ) are in the directory /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/loki/loki-0.1.7/loki-0.1.7/src.
How to let the Factory.cpp to know where these undefined reference to be found? I ever tried to dedicate the src directory in the compiling process, but failed. When checking the priciple for writing the Makefile in the linux envriroment, it is found that I can compile the depending files to .o files firstly, with the compile option -c, which means no executive files are generated for those src files without main() function. Usage of the -c option is usually used to make the modules which are linked later to other modules. 
So the next step is to compile the Singleton.cpp and SmallObj.cpp to generat the middle product Singleton and SmallObj.
g++ -c -I  /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/loki/loki-0.1.7/loki-0.1.7/include/ -o /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/SmallObj /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/loki/loki-0.1.7/loki-0.1.7/src/SmallObj.cpp
g++ -I  /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/loki/loki-0.1.7/loki-0.1.7/include/ -c -o /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/Singleton /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/loki/loki-0.1.7/loki-0.1.7/src/Singleton.cpp
We can see two result files: SmallObj and Singleton in directory /localdisk/data/alex_dyn
[alexzh@alexzhang_lnx alex_dyn]$ ll /localdisk/data/alex_dyn
total 328
drwxr-xr-x  2 root   root      4096 Feb  6 19:54 boost
drwxr-xr-x  3 root   root      4096 Feb 15 15:45 loki
-rw-r-----  1 alexzh NSS_VC    7260 Feb 15 17:07 Singleton
-rw-r-----  1 alexzh NSS_VC   57244 Feb 15 16:47 SmallObj

With these two depending files, I tried to linked them to Factory.cpp when compiling the Factory.cpp as:
[alexzh@alexzhang_lnx src]$ g++ -I  /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/loki/loki-0.1.7/loki-0.1.7/include/ -o /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/hello /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/Singleton/localdisk/data/alex_dyn/SmallObj /localdisk/data/alex_dyn/loki/loki-0.1.7/loki-0.1.7/test/Factory/Factory.cpp
The final executive file hello are found in the /localdisk/data/alex_dyn now. Enter this diretory and execute the hello as
[alexzh@alexzhang_lnx alex_dyn]$ pwd
[alexzh@alexzhang_lnx alex_dyn]$ hello
creator function is a simple function:
createProductParm( int a, int b )
creator function is a overloaded function:
createProductOver( int a, int b )
creator function is a member function:
Creator::create( int a, int b )
creator function is a template member function
CreatorT<T>::create( int a, int b )
creator function is a functor parameter
createProductParm( int a, int b )
    called by createProductRuntime(CreateFunctor func, int a, int b)
CreatorT<T>::create( int a, int b )
    called by createProductRuntime(CreateFunctor func, int a, int b)
Registered ids:
OK, that is the way I can follow to debug the rest files in this Loki project......Opps..

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# re: How to Compile/Test Loki source code in Linux 2009-02-15 20:08 everspring79

For any suggestion or experience of you on this pratice, please kindly reply this tip directly. Thanks!  回复  更多评论   

# re: How to Compile/Test Loki source code in Linux 2009-02-16 09:25 zuhd

nice English, how can you do this, really amazing!  回复  更多评论   

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Yes, English is our working language, which is mandatory in all kinds of communications like email, conference, presentation, document, etc. Actually, it is quite simple to use English for technical communication, compared with the daily English.  回复  更多评论   

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