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1) disable driver digital signatures 

You can disable digitally signed signatures, however it is not recommended.
Important: The driver signing enforcement in Windows 7 and Vista is there for a reason. Unsigned drivers could theoretically contain malicious code and harm your computer.

Step 1: Click Start button on the left bottom corner of desktop. In the search box, type "cmd"

Step 2: Go to Run command, and right click on command prompt and click on "Run as administrator".

Step 3: In the command prompt, type in these commands: Be very careful here. BCDEDIT controls how your computer boots up.

IMPORTANT:make a backup of your bcd file first. To do that, type:
bcdedit /export C:\savedbcd

This will create a file c:\savebcd which is your boot entry backup.
If you mess up, you can always undo changes by:

bcdedit /import c:\savedbcd

Then type these commands:

bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON

After you finished the steps above mentioned, you have made digital driver signing signature disabled for all installation. So you can install device drivers on Windows 7 without warning message that those drivers should be digitally signed.

2) install gpedit on window 7 basic 

NOTE: For Windows 7 64-bit (x64) users! You'll also need to go to "SysWOW64" folder present in C:\Windows folder and copy "GroupPolicy", "GroupPolicyUsers" folders and gpedit.msc file from there and paste them in "C:\Windows\System32" folder.

3) uninstall AOL 

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